New Habit in 30 Days: Meditation

I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time actually: make daily meditation a habit. Actually, I think I even told myself that when I got pregnant, I would do this, for the baby. Now I have only one more month to go, so this is my last chance!

Power of Less style
Habit: 10 minute sitting meditation
When: First thing in the morning (or: at the first suitable moment)
Reward: A nice relaxing cup of tea afterwards on the balcony
Obstacles: If I have back pain due to the pregnancy, just go for a semi-sitting position with back support. If that is also too much, do it lying down. If I feel like I have no time… Come on, it’s just 10 minutes!
Start: Right now!

Day 1) Timer (with subtle sound) didn’t go off. Fix that for next time. Sitting started out well. Focusing on belly breath and baby. Then baby started pushing in my ribs, so I lied down.
Day 2)


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