Project 333: The 33

So here they are <insert drumroll> my 33!

  1. striped tank top
  2. black shortsleeve shirt
  3. aubergine shortsleeve shirt
  4. black shapewear top
  5. olive sweater
  6. maternity jeans
  7. jeans
  8. jeans
  9. darkblue skirt
  10. black wrap vest
  11. white cardigan
  12. beige cardigan
  13. black leggings
  14. olive leggings
  15. gold-coloured top
  16. olive top
  17. pink cami
  18. black cami
  19. black-red-cream flowery skirt
  20. black longsleeve blouse
  21. red longsleeve shirt
  22. red pencilskirt
  23. black narrow belt
  24. black dangling earrings
  25. pumps
  26. boots
  27. flats
  28. trenchcoat
  29. winter coat
  30. crochet cap
  31. green scarf
  32. black knit gloves
  33. green warm gloves

Disclaimer: as it is quite impossible to test size, comfort and fit for the upcoming 3 months at this pre-childbirth stage, I reserve the right to switch any items that for some reason I do not wear, for something else, if I haven’t worn that item yet.

Not counting towards my 33 items: wedding ring, glasses, one simple hair tie, sport clothes, underwear (except for the 2 leggings), bags (will only be using them very functionally these months such as for groceries and diapers), rain ‘suit’ (waterproof overcoat + pants — a pure necessity when you live in the Netherlands and do everything by bike).


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