project 333

So here they are <insert drumroll> my 33!

  1. striped tank top
  2. black shortsleeve shirt
  3. aubergine shortsleeve shirt
  4. black shapewear top
  5. olive sweater
  6. maternity jeans
  7. jeans
  8. jeans
  9. darkblue skirt
  10. black wrap vest
  11. white cardigan
  12. beige cardigan
  13. black leggings
  14. olive leggings
  15. gold-coloured top
  16. olive top
  17. pink cami
  18. black cami
  19. black-red-cream flowery skirt
  20. black longsleeve blouse
  21. red longsleeve shirt
  22. red pencilskirt
  23. black narrow belt
  24. black dangling earrings
  25. pumps
  26. boots
  27. flats
  28. trenchcoat
  29. winter coat
  30. crochet cap
  31. green scarf
  32. black knit gloves
  33. green warm gloves

Disclaimer: as it is quite impossible to test size, comfort and fit for the upcoming 3 months at this pre-childbirth stage, I reserve the right to switch any items that for some reason I do not wear, for something else, if I haven’t worn that item yet.

Not counting towards my 33 items: wedding ring, glasses, one simple hair tie, sport clothes, underwear (except for the 2 leggings), bags (will only be using them very functionally these months such as for groceries and diapers), rain ‘suit’ (waterproof overcoat + pants — a pure necessity when you live in the Netherlands and do everything by bike).


A challenge that is very much related to Project 333, is 6 items or less: wear only 6 items for 1 month, excluding outer wear, sports wear, shoes, accessories, underwear, and uniforms.

So what happens if you look at 333 from the 6iol point of view? In 3 months, you could wear 3×6 = 18 pieces (in the unlikely case that you would switch your entire wardrobe each month), and then have 15 items left for outerwear, shoes, and accessories. So, 6 items or less is a bit more strict. The nice thing though, is that it is easier to prepare for one month, than for three, particularly with the holidays, but probably even more so in my post-pregnancy case. To make this whole planning thing easier, let’s take a month-by-month look.

October and December are relatively easy to determine clothes for. In October, I will probably be mostly at home, caring for the baby, and have a body that still seems like it is 6 months pregnant (that is at least what I read and heard). December is quite a different story. I may be one or more clothing sizes smaller by then (no idea how quickly or slowly that will go), and for the holidays, I will definitely need something dressy to wear.

October: Lots of baby and belly: Accommodate lots of baby puke and spittle.
The 6: 1 blue pregnancy jeans, 1 blue or black skirt, 3 tops (blue stripes? black?), 1 cardigan (white or black)
Augmented with: black leggings to combine with the skirt, black boots, and trench and scarf to go outside. Perhaps some shapewear tops — I heard that can be really nice when you innards are trying to reposition themselves in your post-preg belly.

December: Conference and Christmas dinners: Time to dress up.
The 6: red pencil skirt, black camisole, red long-sleeve shirt, black long-sleeve blouse (for the conference), black cardigan (for the dinners), jeans-to-buy (in whatever size I am around then — look for second hand? — to have at least one pair of jeans that fits me well)
Augmented with: black earrings, black narrow belt?, pantyhose/tights/(leggings) (depending on the weather), (black boots), black pumps, winter coat, mittens, (scarf), hat

That leaves us with November, which is a bit of a wild card. I will probably still be mostly at home with the baby, but there may be some parties (bday, graduation) I may go to if the baby allows…

November: Slowly getting back into action: Flexible clothing additions.
The 6: add some more separates, depending on whatever seems to fit me by then. The time to do some closet shopping! Some more dressy clothes would be nice for the birthday and graduation parties. The clothes planned for December may not fit yet, so perhaps just add a dressy top and some suitable accessories. Subtracting the item counts for October (10-12) and December (10-13), that leaves about 8-13 items that I could add when needed. Should be feasible! Or am I underestimating the baby puke?

Project 333 is one of those challenges that I listed before: wear only 33 items for 3 months. These items include clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoes, but not your wedding ring, underwear, sleep wear, lounge wear, and workout clothes. The next start of Project 333 is October 1st.

During my pregnancy, I simply did not have that many pieces that fit anymore, especially towards the end. And I wasn’t willing to buy a whole new wardrobe just for those last couple of months. So I have already had an informal test run with a minimal wardrobe.

At the moment we are still waiting for the baby to arrive, but she should be here by the beginning of October (otherwise I’ll just start a few days later). It will be a tricky period, as my body will slowly be returning to some kind of new normal (nine months on, nine months off?), and there will probably be a lot of baby spit covering anything I will wear. But I think it can be done!

Things to consider:

  • How often do I wash my clothes? Preferably not more than once a week. But as said, I’ll probably go through my clothes rather quickly with the baby…
  • Closet shopping: as my body will still be changing, I don’t really want to buy too many new items. So I’ll have to get the most out of what I already have.
  • Clothes that flatter my body shape: probably slowly moving from pregnant apple in the direction of my original rectangle (according to the test on bodyshapefashionadvice, even with bigger boobs and hips, I’ll probably still be a rectangle). During this period, perhaps more important than my shape is to have clothes that will accommodate my changing body…
  • Clothes that flatter my colours: according to the chic fashonista, I am warm spring, which apparently means that I should stay away from most cold colours and yellows, and go for warm and bright. Considering what I currently have, I will probably go for black as a neutral, and red as main bright, for now.
  • Dressy clothes: I will officially not get back to work (from maternity leave) until after this challenge, but there will be some events that I will probably go to (a conference, a Christmas lunch, and of course our own Christmas dinner and there is New Year’s Eve).
  • Baby: Although I have three dresses that accommodate pretty much any size, it would probably be a good idea to switch to separates as quickly as possible, so I can simply change tops in case of baby puke or something related. And then I just need a lot of tops!